I was born in the Lancashire town of Wigan, England, and still live
there today with my wife and three children.

All my life I have wanted to write, I love the idea of creating worlds
and characters and bringing them to life.  First of all I started writing
songs when I was in my teens, and then began to write poems
around 10 years ago.
My first poem 'Time isn't what it seems' was published by Anchor in
1996. I wrote it following a conversation about someone I had
bumped into from my school days, I hadn't seen them for over 10
years. I commented "He looked really old" The response changed my
outlook on life; "You're getting on yourself, you know!" I suddenly
realised that even though I may feel young the  mirror could be
telling me something different.

I started to write my first novel 'The Tourist' in 1998, this was
published in 2003. You can read more about that using the link
above. I have always been confident in life after death and the
existence of the spirit world. I don't know why but the belief has
always been there. I had a discussion with a non believer who
believed that it all started in space and we evolved from the
prehistoric world, and I began to think; what if we were all right?
What if all the beliefs in the world were linked and no one was
wrong. With that, I put pen to paper.  The Tourist 2011 is now
available from Lulu Publishing  

My main interests are 'life after death and spiritual topics.

I love films such as Sixth Sense, Ghost etc. They provide me with
hope and faith that life goes on once our physical bodies die.

With my writing I aim to bring that faith and hope to others  

Use the links above to access my world or drop me an e-mail with
your views on life after death
Nigel Finch
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