Lady Mabel
Lady Mabel consists of four short stories based on the Lancashire legend of Sir William and
Mabel de Bradshaghe, dating back to the 13th century.

Sir William was outlawed by King Edward 11 for his involvment in the murder of Henry de

Missing for over 7 years and believed to have been killed in the crusades, Mabel marries a
Welsh knight.

Sir William returned to Haigh Hall in a fury, chased the Knight to Newton-Le-Willows and
killed him.

For her act of bigamy, Mabel is then forced to walk barefoot from the hall to a stone cross
on the road to Wigan. The cross became known as Mabels cross and the area is now known
as Mabs Cross.

Even today her ghostly figure can be seen still making her penance
Drawn by Nigel Finch December 2005
Come and stay the night in Haigh Hall
Fright Nights
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