The Tourist - The Luke
Adams Story
The Tourist follows the twisting, fateful
tale of Luke Adams, who 15 years after
recovering from a coma comes face to
face with vivid memories of the short
time he spent in the afterlife, and the
spirit he met and fell in love with.

Determined to put her unsolved murder
to rest, Luke confides in a Catholic priest
and provides enough information to the
police for them to suspect him as the

Luke spends the next part of his life
behind bars charged with her murder. In
between visits from the priest Luke
writes down his memories of his new
knowledge of the true meaning of life .

Lost, lonely and unemployed after his
incarceration Luke tries to make a living
by publishing his memiors as a book
called 'The Tourist'.

It doesn't take long for the vatican and
the media to realise that this isn't a fiction
novel but the blueprint of life itself.  
ISBN; 1-59286-675-1