Time isn't what it
On Monday I walked into town and saw someone I used
to know quite well, he really has aged somewhat I hope he
hasn't been ill.

For around his eyes are lines and in his hair are greys, a
troubled tiredsome life is written on his face.
And as I walk on up the street I turn in disbelieve, and I
can't help but say to myself "he looks alot  older than me!"

On Thursday I read a paper and saw a girl I used to know.
She was being awarded for good service by a school we
both used to go.

I remember when we were kids, we used to say she was
babe, but somehow those long legs of hers, well they just
don't look the same.

For around her eyes are lines, and in her hair are greys,
and all the wrinkles on her face have changed her name
from 'babe'.
And as I turn the page I smile in disbelieve and can't help
but think to myself "She looks a lot older than me!"

On Sunday I passed the mirror and saw a stranger looking
at me, but I thought I'd had a good life so can this really be
For around my eyes are lines and in my hair are greys, all
the years have passed me by and they only felt like days.

So listen close when I tell you, today you must live your
dreams, you can't put off until tomorrow, because time
isn't what it seems!